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  1. Kromestar - Mcfly

    Moved ?
  2. LUMBERJVCK ft. Kat Nestel - LITM (Ponicz Remix)

    Given its hybrid nature I feel like drumstep is the best place for this. I'll be moving it. If anyone thinks of a better home for it please feel free to say so
  3. @Liquidyogi Hey there! So single tracks don't go in the lossless section. If you'd like to a start a thread for either the original artist or the remixer then please feel free to do so and include this track in that thread. Otherwise I will move this to the drum n bass section.
  4. Satsujin - R.I.D.D.I.M (Al Ross Remix)

    @Brisstopher Where did the track come from?
  5. Requake - Waterdrops VIP VIP

    Sneaky Solomon VIP
  6. Figure & Bare - Hellraiser (Tempest Remix)

    Touched up the title a tad. You had some link in it ?
  7. Kromestar - Atari Wave

    Merged threads.
  8. Megalodon - Hood Anthem

    For real fam. Old mega is the best. I love that he grew and developed his sound but man I can't help but say he definitely lacks creativity these days. This whole sound that artists like mega, trollphace, ponicz and even man like badklaat are doing these days is getting old fast.
  9. @Cowld @Arkaid13 If the only available copy is 192, and that comes directly from the artist, then it's all good. It is stated in the rules to only post 320. However, if the artist mastered it at 192 (for whatever the fuck reason) then it shouldn't stop anyone from sharing a tune ? Just write in the original post that it's 192!

    @Flix235Please abide by our rules and include the appropriate links. Thank you Also, you don't have to include free download in the title.
  11. Coki - Tree Trunk (Vodex Remix)

    Moved to dubstep.
  12. Swindle - Lemon Trees (feat D Double E) 320:9.3 http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/wiR5ohPe/file.html
  13. Swindle - Works Haffi Run (feat Ghetts) 320:7.5 http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/mWRnXjYU/file.html
  14. Wiley - Can't Go Wrong

    Wiley - Can't Go Wrong 320:7.1 http://www61.zippyshare.com/v/uPsZyQEW/file.html