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  1. J.Brown - El Topo

    that little vocal sample is in a Hybris tune also
  2. Whynnel - Mitzdi

    @Arcendus can you reup this please?
  3. Holly & COPYCATT - Boop

    COPYCATT is dope, shame Holly is trash
  4. Razat - d-yes

    I agree, I think there's a few other lower production sounds in the track as well but if dude gets better he'll be one to watch out for forsure
  5. K.L.O. - Biggest Red Button

    thanks for these! I have Kursa's subscription but normally miss a bunch of the K.L.O. releases
  6. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    Please just go ahead and demote me. For the record, your quotas is one of the most ridiculous things ever as well. People come here to share music and have a good time, not have a second job. It's fine, I'm perfectly content being a member, which is better than most of the other moderators who have gone the same route as me and have permanently quit the forum because of you.
  7. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    Nice, put your essay out there and then just lock the thread. Super classy I guess you got your say so nobody else's statements matter. Typical.
  8. Caro Emerald - That Man (Xtreme Nature Bootleg)

    The convolution of genres? electro swing = electronic swing music Anything utilizing swing samples or beats mixed with electronic music is thus classified as electro swing. It does NOT have to be in the house music BPM range, though I will agree with you that most of it is, and can see how that could seem a way to define it, although I assure you it is not. http://medium.com/envato/electro-swing-is-a-music-genre-that-s-exactly-what-it-sounds-like-bc9ccd4492df - here's an entire article on the definition of electro swing. Not once does it say anything along the lines of why you moved to Midtempo Dubstep. - You can dig through multiple electro swing compilations. Many feature tracks that have basslines as heavy if not heavier than this, coming in anywhere from 90bpm to 130bpm. It's a genre I'm very familiar with, and this is not midtempo dubstep.
  9. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    really gonna threaten to demote me for disagreeing with you, which is apparently now "bitching". Do you hear how ridiculous you've become? You're not giving moderators any power except for what you deem necessary, and are going around determining genres with makeshift formulas based on kick and snare patterns. Music doesn't always get easily pigeonholed into once genre and attempting to do so is part of the reason this forum is still on its deathbed. You think that your methods are superior to people who CREATED the genre sections that you're attempting to control. For example, I helped to create the IDM/Organic Section. You're saying it's becoming future beats, but you're the one who moved a song that fits into future beats into that section in the first place. Removing IDM from it is also insane, as the IDM genre is still fully thriving. Demote me if you want, but just know you're being absolutely ridiculous and acknowledge it for once.
  10. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    It would make sense if there were any legitimate reasoning to it, such as back when everyone used zippyshare and the files would go offline. What is the point of having another post within a thread posting the exact same format of the exact same song? There isn't one.
  11. Caro Emerald - That Man (Xtreme Nature Bootleg)

    electro swing is much more a style than it is specifically a BPM. I've always hated that it's in the house section. things that apply to midtempo can still be electro swing just because of the methods of production, sampling etc. Much like glitch hop exists all the way from 80bpm or lower up to 110 (or even more, though it could be argued that's just double time 70-80bpm). Trying to pigeonhole based on kick and snare patterns is a sure way to lose sight of the overarching style of any genres. There are plenty that it does apply to (such as moombahton, or drumstep, etc), but if somoene goes searching through the electro swing they would expect to find a song like this, much unlike those who would be searching within the midtempo dubstep section expecting to find this.
  12. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    @Ganjastep and another one. can we have our balls back please?
  13. Fracture & Alix Perez - So High

    @Ganjastep perfect example of why we should still be allowed to delete threads
  14. @Gattsu I just hate that metal/dubstep shit. I was feelin a lil crunk and just can't handle it lol
  15. this has to be one of the worst of 2017