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  1. Oski - Bad (feat. Anuka) (Original Mix)

    Yessss! Thanks, @Arkaid13, for the upload!
  2. Mike.iLL and Kissee - Siren

    Shiiiiit. There's a Mike.iLL and a Mike-iLL...
  3. Chaca & Sterfry - Another one

    Damn, I'm seeing all the homies on here today! Sterling is a damn musical genius.
  4. leet x cambot - Word

    AYYYYYY! leet lives like right down the street from me. This dude is like Quix's illegitimate lovechild. Glad to see folks posting him up here!
  5. So I can just look on here to see what you're digging right?

    1. djskinnyb


      idk, does it show downloads on peoples profiles?

  6. Rickyxsan - Poppin'

    @Arkaid13re-up plz.
  7. Late June ft. celestia - Already Broken

    It's like a chill trap beat meets a laid back breakbeat on a sunny day in a sunny cove after watching the notebook. I like it.
  8. Bruwin - Crying For The Moon

    @Bruwin Loving this. Big ups to those airy synths!
  9. Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 8

    http://mixstep.co/hyvfojpzp9pf Love this joint.
  10. http://mixstep.co/z8emldjrrhxk Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Nostalgia
  11. Curbi - Shinai (Extended Mix)

    Loving this.
  12. Fake Blood - Mars (Moksi Switch Up)

    I'm just happy to hear Fake Blood again in any shape or form. Nice Remix!
  13. Quix - Pokies

    @Arkaid13 Oh, sweet. Thanks again, man. I've been lurking on here for years, and I'm just finally starting to get active again on here. The tips are appreciated!