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  1. BOOSTEDKIDS - Burned (Original Mix)

    This would go offfff
  2. Marc Benjamin - Riser (Original Mix)

    second that!
  3. dBerrie - Output

    Looked around but haven't seen this on here... dBerrie - Output Zippyshare.com
  4. Fast at taking them down wasn't they (hmm)
  5. I swear this is just Animals changed up..
  6. DJ Snake feat. Lil Jon - Turn Down For What

    Nearly shat my pants when i saw this
  7. Vass - Do It Slow

    How have i only just seen this.... sick
  8. Preditah - Threat

    Just out of curiosity, why is he a dick? lol
  9. Under rated tune. Thanks
  10. OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself (Lush & Simon Bootleg)

    I always find the robot sounding house is more electro house than this :/ just my opinion though
  11. Empire Of The Sun - Alive (Zedd Mix)

    In my opinion, this song gets good too near the end at 3:07 (smile1)
  12. Trampa - Jurassic

    Once again i thought, Oh 4 pages of comments, Must be a good trampa tune. Yet as usual its just people bitching and crying for 4 pages about an average tune...
  13. Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)

    He said rim shot (lol)
  14. BANKS - Fall Over (Djemba Djemba Remix)

    Woah, no wonder.. to be honest i was expecting something harder