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  1. LAXX - Heart (ft. GG Magree)

    v excited for this album. i wonder if LAXX is gonna use hardcore, math, and noise as singles for this, even tho all of those songs came out like an entire year ago lol. also hoping we finally get that spicy skism x laxx collab
  2. literally any atom bomb remix is bound to be amazing. this is hard as fuck thanks for the up
  3. shitttttt where have i heard this before? def one of the best remixes of this tune, loved it since i first heard it
  4. Herobust - Vertebreaker (TYNAN Flip)

    wow merry early christmas to me, this is fucking UNREAL
  5. Snails & Dion Timmer - Raptordactyl

    the new vocals fuckin SUCK compared to those lit night shine vox, thanks for this up
  6. Trampa - Make Room

    yeah a lot of this new badklaat is boring af. i kinda like this new tune but i miss his UK cheese style stuff, bouncy and not just overly loud nu-riddim shit like literally everything off of BL4. decoy is so legendary
  7. EH!DE & oddprophet - Confess

    this is easily the best tune oddprophet and eh!de put out this year, so many insane dynamics going on. its not just a headbanger, its a track you can really dance to and have a ton of fun with. they outdid themselves
  8. Dr. Ozi - Dirty Gravy (feat. Jeff Kush)

    his tune in the mix is easily my favorite of his yet, i'm excited to see if he has an EP in the future
  9. Trampa - Make Room

    wish i could still vibe to trampa's stuff. his bulldozer EP was near perfect but a lot of his stuff is pretty meh lately, idk if it's me or what
  10. Space Laces - Cruise Control

    he did but that was like 3 years ago or so. he recovered a bunch of them (say it aint so and D&D i think), but a lot was lost so rip. i still wish snail.wav, cheeseburger, or slime would come out :<
  11. Zomboy & Eptic - Bop It

    for the record, skism kinda pushes some of the artistic direction and structure for basically every song that's released on NSD/BL(he said it in an interview). i think its less of a money thing and more just the direction that skism wanted to go for this album, which is totally fine (since zomboy has another EP soon anyways lol.) after all it is supposed to be this year's "showcase" of NSD work, and this year has been focussed a lot on punchy heaters like this instead of crazy intense wubs like how it used to be i for one LOVE the direction that NSD has gone in and every release on this album so far is imo the artist's best work, but i can def see why people wouldn't like this since it doesnt have the crazy intensity of zomboy's normal stuff or the bounciness that eptic is super well known for
  12. Space Laces - Cruise Control

    every time space laces gets an NSD tune i say "wow i wonder if he'll get an EP soon" then i remember that space laces makes 2 songs a year at most
  13. Skrillex - First of the Year (TYNAN Flip)

    he used to go as TYNVN a while back but i think he only goes as TYNAN now. he's also in a group called ohmy with some other guy, idk who, but that stuff is pretty cool too. still prefer his solo work though
  14. Skrillex - First of the Year (TYNAN Flip)

    if you havent heard any of tynan's stuff i'd HIGHLY recommend him. his newest NSD ep is fucking unreal