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Everything posted by OoziChop

  1. http://mixstep.co/rfdk1pqecep6
  2. hey mate any chance you could send over that Eptic - The End EP??  or if you don't have it linked already, at least the "She" track? would be much appreciated!

  3. Mad Zach - Blackout

    this shit absolutely knocks
  4. ÆTERNA - Sköll

  5. RL Grime - Era (inverness Remix)

    and on top of that a whole lot of trap resides around 160 anyways haha
  6. wish there was an instrumental
  7. Thelem - Lock Out

    oi !
  8. Tascione - Get It

    actually pretty nuts
  9. It Hz - Walking Dread

    yessir, Chee and Jon Casey
  10. Palletz - Future

    reverse the title mang
  11. Ivory - Break It Down

    oh yes
  12. 6LACK - Prblms (it's Different x Kivnon Remix)

    sensing a strong influence here haha
  13. Riggi & Piros & UNKWN - Berserk

    everything this UNKWN guy is touching recently has been straight heat
  14. COSMIC & KZ - I'm Not Playin

    could use a bit more bass tbh
  15. Kendrick Lamar - Humble (t1r flip)

    lol make something better then bruv

    good god
  17. sfam - recycle

    wrong file bruv
  18. Lux & MurDa & Punishment - Death Stench

    this shit right here.
  19. Herobust - Dirt Heater Tea

    y u have to (DOT) tho
  20. Thook - SODA VULTA

  21. Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert - Bad And Boujie (jåmvvis Remix)

    makes me understand why vocals are meant to be mono haha
  22. KRANE x Oceans - Silencio

    can't help but hear RL Grime when I hear this, but fire none the less
  23. Sayer - Selkie

    yes sir