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  1. Due to inactivity as a Moderator you have been demoted to V.I.P

  2. hey man anyway of getting tribal dance-Farkas up again?

  3. Icicle - Problem (feat. Skittles)

    We should really differentiate halftime and drumstep. Go listen to songs in the drumstep section and see why its kept as a subforum of dubstep. Half time/hip hop tinged stuff like this will stay here.
  4. Code Red - Cruel Intentions VIP

    Holy fook
  5. yo man, could you give me a re-up on Bachelors Of Science - The Ice Dance (Lenzman Remix)?

  6. Audio - Heads Up

    They're coming for ya Y8s
  7. Audio - Stampede

    Nope, brand new on RAM, gets an official release next week.
  8. Audio - Stampede

    http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/13033609/file.html Wham bam, thank you yates
  9. Currently no access to the internet, when I get it back I will reup

  10. This is one of the more old school sounding Datsik tracks in a while, what is this "new sound" silliness?
  11. Yugen ft. Omar Gonzalez - Mean Machine (The Frim Remix)

    Sometimes Frim is a bit too lazery for my ears, but this is good
  12. Numbernin6 - Saltwater

    Absolutely ethereal.
  13. Instant thanks for these 2, don't even have to listen before downloading.