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  1. Rockwell - 09 Track

    That piece from 1:30, with those grime sounds... dammmmnnnn
  2. Benga - Psychosis

    Gesaffelstein-like. So i would say techno
  3. Super Flu, Monkey Safari - Me Roar (Format B Remix)

    Rly bad spek, may i ask how you got this @SlowlyBurning ? (Good tune tho!)
  4. Michael White - Moves (Original Mix)

    Nope, surely electro house
  5. Culture Shock - Bunker

    Anyone have this in lossless ?
  6. LAXX - Let Em Know

    Sounds like Culprate
  7. Ricky Tuff - Its All Love (Jazzy VIP Mix)

    Nice tune, But big time stolen by a dutch old raggae dude
  8. Ed Solo - Anye Up (Original Mix)

    Haha cool tune ^^
  9. Habstrakt & Dombresky - Antigone

    @Tommy Takeover every CDJ can handle wav ...
  10. This needs more likes, i got it on repeat for the last few days. So good
  11. Very good, makes me think of Portishead
  12. Sonido Berzerk & Hai ի - Juke Beat

    Lossless ftw thanks
  13. Trashbat - Stab In The Dark

    Thanks for including all those lossless