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  1. Phoseph - Katana

    Awesome track man, keep it up. Needs a little equalizing.
  2. Sage Armstrong - W3rk Your Hip$

    I'm going to go scare my friends neighbors with this one.
  3. Sven Lochenhoer - Do You Love Me?

    Thanks buddy
  4. Dateless - They Like to Funk (Original Mix)

  5. Juke/Footwork request/new/upcoming tunes thread

    Whoops, it's already out. this can be deleted.
  6. Jaw x Cassius - Rose Leaves [Born Dirty Rmx]

    Third breaks. This is dope and I bet fucking with the tempo can make a few people lose it.
  7. Om Unit - Le Singe

    deeeeeep. Been waiting for this one.
  8. HomeSick - 2weeks

    links dead
  9. Chimpo - Bedsprings Riddim

    no joke! Calm yourself Chimpo, good sir. Save some for the other producers.
  10. HomeSick - VIP Rave (Sinistarr Ravegod Remix)

    BADMON, FIYAH CHUNE! I feel bad, I'm gonna have to buy him a beer now.