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  1. Speks awful and sounds garbage on my monitors man, is it a spotify rip? Or is this the one from back in 2000 or something?
  2. TC - Countdown VIP

    TC - Countdown VIP 320/MP3 DJs: Cue this song up for 11:58:53 on the 31st and it will drop right on 2017/2018 http://mixstep.co/nmnhq0nbpo6e
  3. http://mixstep.co/npaungkp6a8y
  4. Poon-esque http://mixstep.co/xl9hf4zephmq
  5. Source: Sigma-Forever_(Remixes)-WEB-2017-ALPMP3 (Google Play) http://mixstep.co/e83vcjqkufni
  6. Good set opener! http://mixstep.co/mo38oq6408y0
  7. Culture Shock - Bunker

    I read somewhere he's releasing a series of one track EP's and so they're in Sequence 1, 2, 3 etc - hence the name
  8. T1R & Asone - Zone

    Local talent
  9. 1991 - Mayk Yu Myne?

    he should stick to DnB haha.
  10. Rekordbox analyses it to 174.03BPM (aka 87), hence me putting it under DNB Halftime.
  11. Mr. Carmack - More Lemons

    WAV http://mixstep.co/wduhzvpcexy7 MP3 http://mixstep.co/ixv05ydbo1hl SC:
  12. http://mixstep.co/i7o0se3aropw
  13. Dawn Wall - Lemon Dogs

    Before anyone jumps on this and complains the spek is bad, the purchased rls from Integral's website is the same . Even the lossless I'm told:
  14. Taxman - Radar Jammer

    Big big http://mixstep.co/4o4jdb26ge8y