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  1. Fracture & Neptune, Martin Fieber - Customtone

    fits just fine in liquid, the deep subforum has become kind of a subdued techstep/neuro thing
  2. dBridge vs Skeptical - Poor & Poverty

    ^ haha in that case, "halftime" refers to the speed and not the style. This is half the tempo of a normal dnb tune so it technically goes in halftime. All the other subs in the dnb area except halftime go by style not structure. If the snares ran a normal fast dnb tempo, it would fit fine in deep but since halftime is specifically for this distinction, that's where it should go.
  3. dBridge vs Skeptical - Poor & Poverty

    should be in halftime while we're moving stuff
  4. Bad Company UK & Trace-Nitrous (Audio Remix)

    fuc king finally 3 YEARS, JFC DUDE
  5. Took out most of that stupid robot singing and just left the bits that say "immortal". Mid-tune breakdown moved to the intro on both versions so it's still mixable but loses most of the robot shit. version marked [e] just means edited; robot stuff gone, intro moved. version marked [NB] just means No Breakdown, copied sections around to make it roll from the drop to the ending without stopping the beat while still having the correct sections of bass and movement. http://mixstep.co/c1e6p80gucmq http://mixstep.co/fjyenpl064lp
  6. Kove - Valkyrie

    anybody got this in any other format? any at all?
  7. Skepsis - Goes Like (The Prototypes Remix)

    i normally hate shit like this but UNFF YES DUDE
  8. Calyx & Teebee - Immortal

    already down?
  9. Delta Heavy - Nobody But You

    if i have to hear one more EDM diva sing "ill take you higherrrr", i swear to god
  10. GLXY - Lucid

    GLXY is becoming a fav
  11. TC - Rockstar 2017 Remix

    the fuck is this
  12. Enei - Transition

    well ok, i mean its easier to say halftime speed than "placement of the snare on the 3" but we both know what i meant.
  13. Foreign Concept & Halogenix - Waiheke Wine Club

    one of the best tunes this year.