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  1. Cyberoptics - Cube

    This was in Canada for years
  2. B9 - De Piano (Original Mix)

  3. This such dope stuff! unique (beer)
  4. Wheelton - Articulation

    If this is deep house, Im moving genres. I love this big ups!
  5. Volkstroker & TJ Æther- Stay With Me (Original Mix)

    Very well played! thanks alot brothah!!(bomba)
  6. Mustache Riot - Hitman

    This is fuckin BOMB (beer) thanks brah!
  7. Gantz - Tesseract

    If I saw that dood. I would not be listening to this
  8. Three 6 Mafia vs. Metallica - Lightning Head (Wick-it Remix)

    Nooo :( re-up please (hi)
  9. Mantis - Insomnia VIP

    really thought the original was far better than this but solid track
  10. Vexare - The Clockmaker

    Re-up? :)
  11. Substantial Error - Skank Out

    Im getting so sick of this site, every time I come on i only look up the songs you post KEV...at least some people still know what makes dub step. Great post btw! (bomba)
  12. Firestep - 37 Hours

    I was at the hositpal for 37 hours waiting for a doctor (approve)
  13. Phrenik - Beyond Me (Original Mix)

    This and that makes a little like dis (ganja3)
  14. Beastmode - Invaders (Tim Ismag Remix)

    That cant be tim ismag....I heard this song from somewhere else ??