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  1. Teddy Killerz - Monkey Kingdom

    i tried to be one of the people who was enforcing the rule. i mean most times transcodes where uploaded within hours of release of a proper 320/lossless file. but it became too much and thats when i lost interest in the site. the people who didnt contribute to the site and just download whatever didnt care what quality out numbered the users who contributed (not just in posting songs but in convos or what not). that is why i decided not to give a fuck about it for anybody else anymore. and i was trying to help others while it didnt benefit me at all seeing as all i have for the most part is lossless anyways
  2. Clipz - Push It Up (Original Mix)

  3. Raven & Kreyn + FractaLL - Killed It

    fuck this goes off
  4. how do you like the rar? any good tracks you like?

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    2. Beautiful


      damn a lot of these songs are sick

    3. Sampler1


      haha which ones? im curious to see what you liked :)

    4. Beautiful


      those missy elliott  songs are my fave. i love missy elliott songs to the point i dont think anybody should even miss with them but those remixes are huge. also the jersey stuff is awesome as well. too many to list

  5. how is your fantasy squad doing?


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    2. doelicious


      That's a damn shame. I'm 2-0, and 1-1 in my other league.

    3. Beautiful
    4. doelicious


      2-0 league I got Zeke, Forte, Hyde, AJ Green, Demaryius, Diggs and Brady. (Streaming QBs until Brady gets back)

      1-1 league is a shallower league so my team is stacked. I have CJ anderson, McCoy, Melvin Gordon, Antonio Brown, Allen Robinson, Jordon Reed, DIggs and Brady.

      I miss the clubland league though. Remember when homie took a kicker in the 1st round? Good times, good times.

  6. best track of the year for me. way more hype than next hype remix
  7. Frankee - Clap Your Hands

    what i meant was people treating it like it was brand new just bc of the vocals lol
  8. Frankee - Clap Your Hands

    oh yea the brand new song that came out 2 years ago
  9. Neonlight & Mefjus - Hot Glue

    post these in original threads made. not make new ones
  10. Frankee - Clap Your Hands

    ive never seen such a lackluster song have as much hype as this is getting from other producers
  11. Noisia - Anomaly

    what does one have to do with the other?
  12. Lifecycle - Fronsfunk

    would love if somebody uploaded the lossless of this ep