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  1. TC - 100%

    i expected the real 100% to be at the second drop...
  2. TC - Countdown VIP

    LOL the intro is hilarious
  3. BAR9 - Dave (Algo Remix)

    the best track on the EP is a remix
  4. Teri Miko & Varien - Wrath of God (feat. Flowsik)

    good tuna but hybrid trap
  5. PsoGnar - Keep The Lights On (Sekai Remix)

    who cares, it all good music
  6. Jantsen - Menace (Original Mix)

    *the whole song/artwork is heavily inspired by eptic
  7. I saw him playing this track at tomorrowland. He lit a cigarette before playing it. He knows . Yet he gets my credit for kind of inventing this 'pitch-bend-phrase' sort of dubstep
  8. KillaGraham - Arisen

    thanks for this, i almost didnt download it until i heared the second one.
  9. The Frim - Swipe My Swords

    re up possible here?
  10. Downlink & Vaski - REKT (Original Mix)

    I remember there used to be a time when producers had specific bass designs, and that when some other producer used that same bass design everyone freaked out. Im glad that time seems to be over now.
  11. Svdden Death - Take Ya Head Off

    this'll be frckin insane on a huge system
  12. Dubloadz - Cringe Control (ft. Crichy Crich)

    thats what im talking about