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  1. Eden - Billie Jean

    Instrumental needed
  2. Yotto - Marisa

    Thanks, finally a good transcode! My shitty computer can't handle all these high quality specs
  3. ZHU - Intoxicate

    Mostly House, Deep House. Only at the end there's a future beats/bass part Thanks for the track!
  4. ODESZA - Late Night

    Nice track, but it's house tho
  5. ZHU - Generationwhy (Big Wild Remix)

    House, but nice track
  6. This quality sounds really bad ..
  7. Worakls - Nocturne (Original Mix) mp3 http://www111.zippyshare.com/v/CbIeLzl7/file.html
  8. Croatia Squad - Prepare for the Night

    This is deep house, but thanks for the track! Same goes to the other track.
  9. Ibranovski - Virtuoso (Extended Mix)

    This whole EP sounds like a cheap rip-off of joyryder
  10. TroyBoi x icekream - Hear Dat

    Not bad
  11. Solardo - Matador

  12. Oliver Heldens - I Don't Wanna Go Home

    Ye this is pretty good, not too commerciel imo
  13. Ben Remember - Shaker

    Nice flow