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  1. Oshi - Take Flight

    Super dope
  2. Cookie Monsta - Dem GirlZz

    Cookie you badman jesus haven't heard anything this refreshing in the dubstep section in a long time
  3. mp3 / 8mb http://cloudsuzy.com/663129586b0c8945 http://www91.zippyshare.com/v/JWUNsWkv/file.html
  4. BadKlaat - Riddim Tutorial

    same, sounded so much better before idk why nsd changed it
  5. Swindle - Elevator ft. TC

    mp3 http://www96.zippyshare.com/v/5HVWVrf6/file.html flac http://cloudsuzy.com/8a512ac363743acd
  6. Document One - I Got A Fever

    Holy guacamole what a tune
  7. Bukez Finezt - Pipe Burst

    Best one IMO, so freaking bouncy
  8. Hey, could you please re-up Canblaster - I Think About U? :)

  9. BLNT - Me Gusta

    BLNT - Me Gusta mp3 / 14.29 MB http://www93.zippyshare.com/v/SgFnqHk0/file.html http://cloudsuzy.com/12e9443b592ed34c http://soundcloud.com/blntmusic/blnt-me-gusta
  10. Gantz - Elmo Rehab

    AGH so big, also these 2 tracks would fit a lot better in the deep dubstep section