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  1. Pleasure & Heist - You're Not Ready

    hai krypt ;)
  2. Pleasure & Heist - You're Not Ready

    I've missed you dnb section. After a few years MIA I am posting again :D enjoi guys. http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/68201297/file.html edit--- greaaat messed up my return post...so un-epic -- Track Title is You're Not ready
  3. Lyptikal - Same Old New

    i've never seen that before, odd
  4. Guv - Blow ur Head Off

    re up
  5. Sativa Dub - Under Mi Sensi

    no link
  6. Konichi - Fade To Black (Renegade Rmx)

    the synths dont make the track.
  7. Konichi - Fade To Black (Renegade Rmx)

    lol this is jump up, not neuro
  8. what's up man!? Hope the legion is treatin' you well!