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  1. MUST DIE! - Serpentine (Original Mix)

    negativity not needed bro, you sound pretty uneducated on Must Die, and Skrillex for that matter aha (facepalm)
  2. Baauer - XTC

    honestly it feels like he made this one in 5 minutes or something haha,no disrespect to Baauer tho
  3. Woolymammoth - † GOLEM †

    dj_ingo187 this is beautiful haha (music)
  4. GTA - The Crowd (Ookay Remix)

  5. Subject 31 & Aweminus - Shift

    Thanks ma ninja!!
  6. Loudpvck killed it, nuf said
  7. Kai Wachi - Game Over

    fuck yes bro!!!!
  8. Dubsidia - Heat Up! (Original Mix)

    Honestly, how does Skrillex have ANYthing to do with this track..? lol
  9. Invictous - Mexico

    Thanks (ganja5)
  10. P0gman - They Know (Invictus Remix)

    If nobody noticed his name is INVICTOUS not INVICTUS lol
  11. Crizzly & Logun - Ass & Titties

    Actually was at the Dallas show featured in the official video, this went the fuck offf haha (ganja3)
  12. Flosstradamus - Look At The Sky

    Floss is 2 people.... (facepalm) lol
  13. AFK & Spenca - Who Wants Some (Original Mix)

    Are you going to the Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, and Spencer Bruno (Spenca) concert?! (approve)(music)
  14. Salva - Drop That B

    Kev this is....... (ganja)