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  1. ^ Yeah my bad. I meant Orig. Mix...
  2. Haven't heard this gem in a minute. Is the club mix up'd yet? I think I have it. Glad to see you're still here, Rick. I've been away for a long time.
  3. this uns a sicky ...then i heard the vocal crap and was like meh
  4. Wes Goodie & Prismatic - Whirldwind

    Not possible
  5. Au5 - Snowblind feat. Tasha Baxter (Fractal Remix)

    always luv fractal
  6. D-Jahsta - System (8Er$ Remix)

    new smoke track (ganja4) this shit goes in, nice up! (perfect)
  7. DC Breaks - Swag (Audio Remix)

    yeah file down marq my sexy brazilian buddy <5
  8. What was the Stang thinking with this remix? Not feeling it. Feels incomplete. Still love Mord, though, at the end of the day. I almost changed my mind typing this when the dubstep drop came in, but nah...
  9. Black Tiger Sex Machine - Funeral March

    goes pretty hard, nice up (ganja2)
  10. Virtual Riot - Different World

    IDC what anyone say this is a banger right here
  11. PADU - Kings

    ^ And it's still a tune
  12. Spag Heddy - Here I Am

  13. Far Too Loud - Invader (Perfect Cell Refix)

    Perfect Cell used to release a lot of dope electro! Haven't heard anything by this artist for a while. Might have to comb through some tracks on PC's Soundcloud to hear their new ish. Def check out some of the older work though. Also I think this is a breakbeat track with a brief electro intro & outro (ganja2)
  14. Lazy K - Dubstep Sucks!

    This song reminds me of a conversation me and my friend had about dubstep