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  1. ahh ohh - Materia Mosh

    Damn the Purple section has been pretty blahzay, but this is a beauty.
  2. Marshmello - Show You

    this is freaking dope
  3. Ramzoid - Forest Explorer

    I like where this guy goes
  4. Ki:Theory - If You Don't Care / Fake It (GANZ Remix)

    I eagerly await another Purple Forest.. Ive been waiting awhile. (smile1)
  5. um.. - thats horrible

    So killer.
  6. MssingNo - Brandy Flip

    Turn this one up. MssingNo always has these subtle flips that drive me crazy, in a good way.
  7. Hermitude - Through the Roof (AWE Remix)

    AWE does no wrong (yes)
  8. Wayvee - Shadows

    Also Public Enemy used it. Haha view post above ^^^
  9. Babel, KRNE - I am josh pan

    Well oh my. Sh*t got real at 1:30 (bomba)
  10. GANZ - Cherry (Laetho Flip)

    Im so happy about this
  11. what does he say in the clip?!!! I havent seen that episode yet :)
  12. Borgore - Can't Squad With Us

    If this was Borgore's first-track-ever people would be ALL over this shit. This track goes where it should in traditional Borgore fashion, I approve.
  13. Dark Elixir - Riddim

    this is nasty
  14. BeauDamian-Good Mornin, Oniichan!

    Love where this goes :D
  15. The original is too big to fall this flat on a remix