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  1. Six Chakra - Dis Rudboi

    holy shit...
  2. Sorsari - D2

    this is HUGE
  3. Six Chakra - Flower

    very nice!
  4. If there's any chance of a re-up that would be amazing
  5. So so so sick... Baxter kills it as usual
  6. Noms - Hazy Night (Paveun Remix)

    AMAZING! (yeah)
  7. Substance - Homeboyz (Serum Remix)

  8. Biome - Philly Blunt (Original Mix)

    Like 50 cent once said... "When I'm out in N.Y., boy, it's blunts and Phillies When I'm out in L.A., boy, it's wraps and Swishers"
  9. Commodo - Jaded

    Re-up http://www26.zippyshare.com/v/77487066/file.html
  10. Commodo - F_ck Mountain (Original Mix)

    Been waiting a while for this one, big up!
  11. Klax - Vendetta

    Big up!!!!
  12. Enjoyed this track, big up!
  13. Digid - Headspin

    My bad, new CLV search has been quite sketchy since the update
  14. KOLOAH & THE OTHER SIDE - RING MY BELLS Zippyshare.com love it!!!