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  1. Bulu - When He Drop

  2. Murmur - Cockroach

    Oh i shall my friend
  3. Murmur - Cockroach

    Oozee, Thank you for your apology and it's no biggy, wasn't all to bothered about this one anyway. Bulker, I have since found out that i do know oozee off of soundcloud but either way thank you for adding your input and helping to promote this crappy song. Much love
  4. SP:MC - Trust Nobody VIP

    Didn't even see all the love for this tune until now. I'll have to see if i've got any other lost gems on my hard drive
  5. Murmur - Cockroach

    I don't know why you have put this here considering 1, this was supposed to be a rough cut and 2, i asked anyone that i sent it to not to pass it on but ah well, what's done is done. If anyone happens to like this please try and support the soundcloud since i may as well just put it up for download now. Thanks http://soundcloud.com/murmurdubstep/cockroach
  6. SP:MC - Trust Nobody VIP

    SP:MC - Trust Nobody VIP Bitrate: 320 / Size: 10.55 MB http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/89275708/file.html It's an old one but i could only find the original of this one up, here's the VIP