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  1. Bloom & Culprate - Aurora (Original Mix)

    @Grizlebrand BPM aside I still consider this dubstep, the kicks/snares remind me more of dubstep than glitch
  2. Dj Limited - Click Clack

    @PlatyBass @mypszi i would recommend Format Factory for converting lossless to mp3
  3. Michael White & Rob Gasser - Pleasure (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/utuhrrex1rg8
  4. Michael White - Moves (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/5af7i954imx6
  5. GARABATTO & Michael White - Make The Hit (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/fovnt0ynklak
  6. Michael White - Diamonds In My Mouth (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/izeh7h9enes8
  7. Opiuo - Ginger Lizard (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/4obt6u6ucx2n
  8. Rekoil - Letting You Know (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/8r8glh5jqkv5
  9. Rekoil - Go Crazy (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/e2o95gy212va
  10. Rekoil - The Price You Pay (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/90ygvnb0aspu
  11. Rekoil - Too Late (Original Mix)

    Rekoil - Too Late (Original Mix) http://mixstep.co/naw9putflrvx
  12. Mantis & Helicopter Showdown - HellWalker (Mantis VIP)

    Update from Mantis