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  1. Zomboy & Eptic - Bop It

    fuck, with that build up I was hoping for something Bouncier adn with a more "I don't give a fuck" vibe dope tune tho proof?
  2. oh i know, ive seen you around I am glad you have seen the light! people like the ones in your avatar don't want people to speak their mind and have diverse opinions there is plenty, depends on what exactly you are wiling to do for CllV
  3. You must be new jk Make a thread about it
  4. Getter - Head Splitter

    thank you @marq http://mixstep.co/erjmc3ms2jth http://mixstep.co/g6u1fom5vtlm
  5. I'm back to surfin at least once a week after getting settle into work. can you reinstall my Mod status? the Electro Soul section needs some work ;) 

    1. Ganjastep


      Welcome Back! :ganja3:

  6. Soltan - Sick (ft. HU$H)

    try clearing cookies and cache
  7. Tribone x Whitebear - Unity

    @kittyka reup please
  8. Lindsay Lowend & Jonah Baseball - Jeremy's Pet Peeve

    so dope! thanks for the up @FrnchPAir
  9. RushJet1 - Witch 'Em Up

    sick fucking tune! thanks for the up!
  10. @kittyka saying something and proving something are two different things BPM = 99.5 = Midtempo Beat Structure = Dubstep Vibe = Funk in conclusion = Midtempo Dubstep with a Funk Influence
  11. Getter ft. Terror Reid - Chernobyl http://mixstep.co/1p6h1cgv8ygh
  12. Getter ft. Terror Reid - Stormin the Gates http://mixstep.co/kxj7e708xszs
  13. Getter ft. Terror Reid - Fuck Everybody http://mixstep.co/d8plifrvir7c
  14. Getter ft. Terror Reid - Dead to Me http://mixstep.co/urnyjt4ofa4b